1. Dare To Change (Wim_Renders)

2. Proposal For Controlling The Maintenance of Sterility (Hartmut_Dunkelberg)

3. Validated Processing in an air loadable sterilization unit of German Armed Forces (Ingo_Berthelsen)

4. Comparing different pre-cleaning methods in a laboratory setting (Sandra Winter)

5. The Latest developments in the reprocessing of complex Robot instruments (Winfried Michels)

6. Removing biofilms from endoscopes - the importance of cleaning chemistry (Thomas Vanzieleghem)

7. Manual versus full automated cleaning procedures (Wayne Spencer)

8. Virucidal efficacy of peracetic acid for automated washer disinfectors (Jochen_Steinmann)

9. Characterization of surface alternations on surgical instruments caused by silicates and titanium oxides (Matthias Tschoerner)

10. Relationship between disinfectant use and antibiotic resistance (Ulas Tezel)

11. Current progress of the updated ISO and CEN standards on cleaning efficacy (Gerald McDonnell)

12. Validation of steam sterilizers in compliance to EN 285 and ISO 17665 (Roel Beltran Castillo)

13. Impact of air removal in steam penetration - case study (Matias Pilasi)

14. 5th edition of the Guideline - Validation of Automated Cleaning and Disinfection Processes (Robert Eibl)

15. Validation of manual cleaning and chemical disinfection processes (Anke Carter)

16. Surface cleaning and disinfection to prevent hospital infections (Martin Exner)

17. Legal framework - impact of new EU Medical Devices Regulation (Christian Jakel)

18. Timely and efficient sterile goods supply without stress (Mirco Vitr)

19. Process and cost analysis of sterile supply (Thomas Mickley)

20. Survey and evaluation of disinfection systems of semi-critical probes (Sulisti Holmes)

21. Control of the cleaning efficacy during PQ of EWD processes using test pieces (Markus Wehrl)

22. Cleaning disinfectants or disinfecting cleaners - what should be considered (Heike Martiny)

23. Assessment of biocompatibility of process chemicals use for decontamination of medical devices (Holger Biering)

24. Certification of reprocessing based on the German KRINKO-BfArM Recommendation (Thomas Kiessling)

25. Evaluation of the water test to assess the functionality of sterilization containers (Christophe Lambert)

26. ISO 13485 Quality systems as a method of reducing risk in sterile processing (Lena Cordie)

27. International best practice in the CSSD - do pathogens know about country borders (Gerhard Kirmse)

28. How undesirable events can make You grow (Ermano Fegatilli)

29. Bundles for CSSD (Heloisa Helena Karnas Hoefel)

30. Important product information about repaired and altered medical products (Massimo Fiamma)

32. A Latin American perspective - benchmarking in sterile processing departments (Mayra Samara Ordonez Diaz)